We use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to experiment, evaluate and deliver results to fuel business performance.

Key features

We Help Businesses Predict the Future

In a world of rapid technological change, staying ahead of the pack can deliver greater value and revenue to your business. Using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to perform tasks with greater speed, intelligence and accuracy, we allow your business to operate more efficiently – and grow.

01 Smarter Business Decisions

Crunching down huge volumes of data quickly and correctly is beyond human capacity. Many companies that make the massive commitment of collecting large volumes of data can fail on the home stretch simply because they can’t extract the insights they need. AI and machine learning take the guesswork and potential for human error out of complex data analysis. They allow repetitive tasks to be simplified, and create supremely accurate forecasting models that can predict the future. Using this technology empowers businesses to go to the ‘next level’ by making informed decisions to save energy and money.

02 Deep Customer Insights

We live in an incredible time when technology enables companies and consumers to connect in ways they’ve never been able to before. More than ever, people expect meaningful engagement before making a purchase or decision about a brand. They want relationships, not just transactions. Thanks to Al and machine learning’s ability to successfully mine underlying customer data, businesses can now hyper-personalise user experience based on age, gender and other key segments. The only way to thrive in the new business reality is to understand customers. Those who don’t risk being left behind.

03Unprecedented Access

AI and machine learning were once mostly used for high-level engineering and research. Today, these powerful tools have become accessible to all businesses, thanks to cloud computing infrastructure. At TekTorch, we offer AI and machine learning powered solutions using NLP (Natural Language Processing), computer vision and neural networks. Our powerful solutions integrate effortlessly into existing business workflows, at a price small to medium businesses can comfortably afford.

The team

Our handpicked engineering team has more than 20 years’ of combined experience at IIT, Yahoo! and more. We are convinced Al and machine learning have the potential to change the fortunes of businesses, from the micro to the macro level. Our focus is on creating a clear, simple and amazing experience for the end user. We take the time to understand the needs of your business, see the whole picture and get results, without overwhelming you with complicated tech concepts along the way.


Nikhil and his team at TekTorch built our entire website by scratch. We have been thrilled with their work. Nikhil does not just deliver a product he thinks about each part with regards to a bigger business strategy. He is a real strategist and there is no tech issue he cannot conquer. He is quick to fix bugs and always has a clever tech solution for our business needs. He is a creative thinker and a real yes person. We look forward to building a long relationship with him and the entire TekTorch Team

TekTorch have provided software development and technical support services on a variety of projects for the last 3 and half years. During that time, they have contributed significantly to the overall IT Infrastructure and the suite of bespoke software used by the Client, to successfully conduct their day to day business. TekTorch staff have always conducted themselves professionally, provided a high-level of technical skill and have always been prepared to work long hours until problems are solved. In particular, TekTorch have been keen to investigate new and innovative technology and to look for ways in which these technologies can be used to provide business benefits to the Client.

Why tektorch?


We experiment

With the help of Al and machine learning, we build the best algorithm (or model) and the best solution for your needs. We take the time to know your business deeply, and experiment with usable versions of a product. Our priority is for your product to work seamlessly in the real world and have the capacity to scale massively. Features are added when needed – saving you time and money. Ultimately, our aim is to build not just a great product, but a great product and experience for your customer.


We evaluate

TekTorch is different because we manage the entire Al and machine learning life cycle from start to end. This covers the experimentation stage through to deployment. We believe that for technology to be truly successful, it needs to be finessed and finessed again. That’s why we value being nimble and adaptable. Our process includes comprehensive auditing, as well as repeatedly testing data and models to maximise success.


We inspire efficiency

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are vital to our business weaponry. We rely on them to promote efficiency and accelerate performance for our clients. Our mission is to leverage advanced thinking and deep insights to grow your businesses and add value. Replacing humans with machines is not the goal. Instead, we use breakthrough technologies to initiate fresh opportunities and broaden the potential for business innovation.

Our Skills

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Prediction & classification

Retail basket & recommendation analysis

Computer vision

Autonomous reinforcement learning

Natural Language Processing (NLP)




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